A different kind of doctor. A different kind of care.

Amelie Hooker Watson, DC is a chiropractor, craniosacral therapist, artist, photographer, and mother of three. She has lived in Portland since 1999, and has been in chiropractic practice for almost 20 years. As her clinical and life experience has grown, so has her knowledge and offerings. She is passionate about providing integrative, evidence-based, patient-centered, & wholehearted wellness care.

During her 19+ years in practice her approach offerings have expanded and evolved a great deal. Her personal, professional, and clinical experience has given her significant insight and understanding about the myriad of factors that influence our health. She has extensive experience in pediatric, prenatal, and postpartum care and has attended numerous births. She also has a passion for supporting LQBTQ+ clients, people who have experienced abuse, trauma, grief & loss, those in recovery, and anyone interested in addressing the mental, emotional, physical, and experiential factors that are impacting their health.


In addition to her education as a chiropractor. Dr. Amelie has studied extensively in other fields such as sociology, psychology, communication, sexuality, gender & women’s studies, herbal medicine, integrative medicine, mind-body techniques, and yoga. She is committed to continuing her educate herself and others on a wide variety of subjects so that she can offer the best possible care to the people she serve. 

Her own health journey has included many challenges including chronic pain & illness, multiple surgeries & injuries, and she has experienced many difficult life challenges along the way. This has given her many new insights on health and deeper understanding of the issues her clients face. 

Philosophy & Approach

Dr. Amelie was originally drawn to chiropractic after experiencing how effective it could be in treating both chronic pain and a variety of other symptoms and concerns. She soon learned that the structure of the body affects the way that it functions, and recognized the importance of addressing problems at their source rather than simply covering up the symptoms. 

She believes that she is not a “healer”, but rather a facilitator of wellness. She serves as a doctor, a teacher and a guide, offering support for your own healing journey and life’s path. She empowers each of her clients by educating them (and/or their parents), giving them the tools they need to achieve and maintain their full potential and optimal state of health. 

As her clinical experience has grown, she has learned a great deal from the thousands of  wonderful people she has worked with. Combined with her extensive education as a chiropractic physician, her background in sociology, psychology, and counseling, ongoing study and research, and her own life experience and personal healing journey, her approach has evolved and expanded in a myriad of ways. She has learned and developed many techniques and various ways of supporting each person that she works with. 

Dr. Amelie has always been fascinated by the mind-body connection, and continues to research and study the many facets of health and various factors that influence it. Her approach individualized and integrative treatment approach includes gentle bodywork, mindful movement, breath and visualization exercises, herbal medicine, nutrition counseling, emotional support and guidance, and more.

Treatment Style

During your visits she will listen very carefully to your history, get to know you and hear the stories you want to share. She will help you dive deeper to discover the root causes of your symptoms and the factors that may be holding you back.. Her intention is to understand how your past and present experiences are affecting your health in order to address your concerns more fully. 

Together you can explore these issues to your level of comfort and develop a plan for your care. to help you achieve your wellness goals in the most effective manner. Your treatment can then address your physical concerns as well as the mental, emotional, and spiritual, stress, and other factors that may be impacting your health and holding you back. Dr. Amelie will work with you to find the right combination of techniques and adapt her methods in the way that you feel most comfortable with and that will be the most powerful and effective for you. Her primary goal is always to help you feel seen and heard, to feel your  best, and to help you achieve optimal well-being in mind, body & spirit.